More Grace…Teachers Weekend Nuggets

God is very fond of you.

I’m an 11th hour child, lucky. So lucky.

God grows people.  Offering grace means embracing patience.

Extending grace costs the giver.

Grace rolls around us like the Mississippi River. We stand in the middle with our cups.

Life is so unfair in my favor.

Grace builds bridges.

When God Laughs

When God laughs—

The rivers gurgle and run,

The mountains beckon to come,

Trees dress in their gayest reds and golds

And wave their arms for fun.


When God laughs—

The animals skitter and scatter,

A summer rain may patter,

The ocean swells and kisses the shore

With her tongue of salty water.


When God laughs—

His children dance and sing

They know they belong to the King.

They in happiness wait for the feast near the gate

When given their golden wings.