Writer’s Block

This is where they say the fun begins. Getting started when you really don’t know what is going to come next. We are always telling our students to write. Free write. Write whatever is on your mind. And your heart and in your soul. Write the color of the sky and the look of the land. Write the taste of water and the texture of yogurt. Write about the room you are sitting in and the acre outside your window. I think it is really cool to see how one can put words on paper and suddenly there are paragraphs borne that have not been before just like this.

Something I’ve noticed again about writing that I wasn’t as aware of before is that it takes a lot of munching to make a good paragraph. Yesterday it was Route 11 Lightly Salted Kettle Cooked Potato Chips. I licked out that bag to the last crumbs last night at 10:30 when I was typing up another assignment about faith and how faith plugs into our writing experiences. And oh yes, I felt a bit, actually very much, like Pooh–suddenly I needed hon- I mean chocolate. Now the chocolate that I pulled out of the cupboard, and yes, we have a Very Important Spot in the cupboard, which right now holds a Dark Chocolate Bar and Peanut Clusters from Sharp Shopper and I think a half bar of Hershey’s Chocolate, the medium-milk for fairer folk, the kind you break into little bars and put on smores. Yes, that. Well the little pink Tupperware container that I pulled out also contained chocolate, the left over crumbled bar of Very Dark Intense Organic Chocolate. A gift from my sister-in-law.  It had ridden along in my purse for awhile, was melted and reformed, and you know how chocolate gets when it is very old and worn out, kind of whitish looking and a little bubbly looking. Well that’s the how the crumbs in the little pink container looked, but aha, they were perfect for a nine forty five snack when one is trying to put words about faith and writing on a paper. They sustained this student at the eleventh hour when the fifty-word assignment (which isn’t much, let me tell you) was due in ninety minutes. Between Kettle Cooked crumbs and faded Intense Organic bubbly chocolate nibbles we made it. Its called sustenance at Dark Hour. I hope today when the sun goes behind a cloud, you can find your way to that Very Important Spot and pull out your little pink Tupperware container and find energy for your assignments.

5 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Well said, friend. At my house when it’s glowering cloudy, I retreat to the bathroom and open the second drawer down on a miniature countertop drawer stack nicely painted with leaves and vines. And waiting for me there are my favorite chocolate covered mini mint drops or perhaps a Moser Roth dark chocolate bar.
    Now you know. So if you ask to use the master bath rather than the powder room, I will know why.
    Keep writing!

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