More Grace…Teachers Weekend Nuggets

God is very fond of you.

I’m an 11th hour child, lucky. So lucky.

God grows people.  Offering grace means embracing patience.

Extending grace costs the giver.

Grace rolls around us like the Mississippi River. We stand in the middle with our cups.

Life is so unfair in my favor.

Grace builds bridges.

3 thoughts on “More Grace…Teachers Weekend Nuggets

  1. Fascinating row of juicy tidbits. I must be extra dense, though; I can’t quite follow what is meant by the second one. Care to expand it?


    1. Yes, from the parable in Matthew 20, we (i) have often concluded that I’m the one who has labored through the heat of the day. How does my perspective change when I believe instead that I’m the one who only worked one hour but am given the riches of a days wage? Christ has been so generous with me. How do I extend this generosity to others?


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