The world tipped crazy that Friday night

When they captured the Teacher and

Bound him tight; with a straggling crew too weary

To pray, a disciple that betrayed him when caught

In the fray, alone and sinless, condemned to die.

The mob screamed “Blood!” in exchange for a thief

When the choice lay before them, they rebelled in

Disbelief that this Teacher was their Savior;

The Messiah, King of kings, so a sign was erected

To identify the Man in the middle, torn with grief.

The earth reeled violent; the veil split in two

When the Son of God fell silent, sacrificed

For me and you. Darkness mantled soldier, mother,

Night embraced each passerby, graveyards yielded

Saints long-sleeping, when the world’s Creator died.

The tomb sang “Empty!” that Sunday morn

When the women heavy-hearted ran with offerings

To out pour; not remembering Jesus’ teaching that

He’d rise and vanquish hell. Angels said, “Why

Do you seek the living Son among the dead?”

4 thoughts on “Conquered

  1. Beautiful, Karen–thanks so much for sharing! I especially like this line:The tomb sang “Empty!” that Sunday morn
    and the ending.

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  2. Dearest Sis, I love your writings!!! How you make every word count is amazing…and there is a lot to chew on and think through. Almost free verse, yet it rhymed in the middle of the lines, never read a poem like that before. The words Jesus spoke at the last supper with his disciples…take eat, this is MY BODY GIVEN FOR YOU… take and drink, this is MY BLOOD SHED FOR YOU… the beauty of the deep sacrifice for me Personally jumped out and blessed me. May your week be graced with Resurrection Power and the Glow of Victory! Love Cynthia

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