Fragile Morning Mist


Fragile Morning Mist

Whispy and gentle

Giving one more soothing kiss

To the earth.

For twon’t be long ‘ere the

Sun in glorious blaze

Bursts ore the horizon

And shatters morning’s haze!

Can a body e’en feel gloomy

While the sunbeams dance and glitter

Turning every crystal dewdrop to

A million silvery shimmers?

Ah – I cry no –

With the Psalmist who penned –

That Orange Orb comes forth

As a strong man to run.

For e’en as the sun

Beckons sleeper and dreamer

I stretch out my arms enraptured in warmth.

I’m filled with a song

Energy invigorating

A zeal wells up

I’ve been touched from above.

For not only the sun warms my soul

But the Son!

The Giver and Maker, Redeemer of Life.

Oh, let’s praise Him

Each critter

Each creature

Each child

Oh praise the Son Glorious

Who reigns High Above!


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