Dreams Are Free?

If anything would be attainable, If you could go anywhere, If you would be given a blank check, what would it read?

My bucket list includes…

  • Host an exchange student
  • Be a foster mom
  • Adopt a bunch of children from Asia
  • Get a degree in writing
  • Publish a book
  • Grow a big garden
  • See the Grand Canyon and West Coast, USA
  • Tour Switzerland
  • Ride a gondola in Venice
  • Take my nieces and nephews with me on a mission trip
  • Teach ESL in Iraq
  • Travel to Greece
  • Buy my own little place with lots of perennials

When we stop dreaming, we stop living. It’s really scary to be at a point in life when you feel like you’ve lived up most of your dreams and you wonder now what. I’ve been there.

We need to keep on dreaming, hoping, pursuing, imagining goodness. It’s the pieces of heaven that are imprinted in our hearts I think – this desire for goodness and wholeness and perfect happiness.

But dreams actually cost. A lot. You exchange money for traveling, energy and love for relationships, sweat and tears for a garden and that may produce nothing but goldenrod and morning glory. Have you accepted the opportunity to exchange quietness for fullness, aloneness for refreshment, darkness for wisdom?

How often too are we living our dreams and don’t realize it? This struck me the other day; one of my dreams once upon a time was to have a house and work some sort of job so that I could also house several other girls, in a communal sort of living; I’ve been living this for the past four years now. It’s a lot tougher than I ever thought. Friendships richer, food sweeter, and lonely moments deeper. It’s called real life.

Dreams usually realize themselves in gritty overalls vs. pastel ballet gowns, dirty silverware and splattered windows, plastic cups vs. goblets. Ants and weeds vs. red tomatoes. Misunderstandings vs. close friendships.

Dreams shape us. We move toward the mental images we have before us. Our perceptions, expectations, our goals and desires motivate us. The lack thereof or the bitter taste of disappointment can leave us depressed. In this broken world, keep dreaming. Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue, if there be any praise – think on these things.

May we extend more kindness, more patience, more understanding and carry each other’s fragile dreams like little candles, with a hand held beside the flame to keep the wind from blowing it out. What’s on your bucket list?

6 thoughts on “Dreams Are Free?

  1. -a family mission trip to Kenya
    -experience a third world culture
    -try foster care
    And Karen, keep writing! You are an inspiration!


  2. O my, Karen, You did it again. I love the thought that dreams are pieces of heaven imprinted on our hearts.
    some of my dreams are:
    – do some mission work in a foreign country
    – illustrate an award winning children book
    -travel in Europe
    -live on a farm
    and yes, I’m living some of my best dreams right now and I love every minute of it! well, ALMOST every minute 🙂


  3. Praise God, living some dreams out right now! But still dreaming: – go to music camp with the family
    – have a garden that is beautiful and artful as well as functional
    – publish a children’s book
    Could think of more. . .
    Praying that God surprises you with more dreams turned reality.


  4. Lovely post, Karen! I have thought for awhile that I should sit down and right out my bucket list. 🙂 I have so many ideas floating around that I think I will need the nine lives of a cat to get them all accomplished!
    A couple things I would love to do are:
    -travel the world
    -mission work in another country (particularly Liberia)
    -foster & adopt
    -living inner city & having kids clubs, Bible studies, etc.
    -writing a book
    – taste alligator
    -start a coffee shop
    -travel with the Mercy Ship
    -go scuba diving
    -have my own house full of books where people could come, read, nd drink coffee
    -or have a small self sustaining farm at the foot of a mountain

    It was a good reminder to think about what I am doing now. It feels like what I am currently doing pushes me toward some of these things I would like to do. One of the things I love doing now is working with older people. Some days they can be hard to work with but then you have those moments and days that make it all worthwhile!
    Keep writing! I can’t wait to read your book!


    1. You make me laugh. Thanks. Don’t know what the book is going to be about. Good to hear from you!


      1. Maybe you should write a book called “How to Live a Bucket List Life.” 🙂


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