Battle Scars

Go slowly my comrades,

I can’t keep your pace,

I have battle scars hidden

That slacken my pace.


In the dark of the night

While you dreamt in your bed

My mother drank cocaine, it

Deformed paths in my head.


You clearly face issues,

You logically think.

My thoughts flip the brakers,

Straight thinking’s extinct.


Be gentle when listening

To my rants and raves,

She was trying her best

No one shared – Jesus saves.


Kindly tend to my limping

I’m learning new ways

To function as normal –

The scars fade as you pray.


Go softly my comrades,

I envy your pace,

Battle scars heal when

We link in this race.


This poem is in honor of the many innocent foster kids. I wrote it recently after listening to a dad share some of his experiences and the heartache and sacrifice that goes with being a parent to foster kids.

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