We Know

“So we went to this dinner party, and my brother wasn’t with me, and so who do I go with through the line? Follow Mom and Dad. Take a niece. Go with a married sibling. What if I’m still single at thirty-two?” she wailed, making me conjure up pictures that the end of all time would have come.

I smiled. Good question, my child. Good question. What if you’re still single at forty-two? Would that be the end of the world? What if that is the worst possible scenario that could play out in your life? I’d say your life is pretty pleasant. Pretty easy. Pretty nice.

Going through a dinner line alone is not nice. I’ll agree.

Welcome to the waters of identity.

Aloneness often brings us to the bare bones of who we are.  Where we are. Why we are. Do you know who you are outside of my mother, my brother, my uncle, my cousin? Do you know why you are where you are?

And as you search let me ask, “Have you found an anchor for your soul? Do you know the Anchor?”

May God grant you the waters of adversity until your face is only turned in one direction. Until your cry is voiced only to the One. Until your heart is at rest in the bottom of the boat, riding the crests, knowing Jesus Christ is at the helm and you are safe. With Him. Until you can say with soul-resonating confidence that seeps down, down, down into your bones like warm chocolate on a cold gray day, “And WE KNOW that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

4 thoughts on “We Know

  1. Karen, this is beautiful and so true. The flip side of aloneness is sometimes feeling so swallowed up in the lives of your sanguine spouse and six children that you sometimes miss the person you used to be. But that can draw you to the Anchor as well. Thanks for the reminder.


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